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Just Birds

This is Woody. We met on the first day here.

These two doves do everything together.

Maybe I should rename this blog Spirit Birds.

I am boiling up the black walnuts today. They have been soaking since last fall.  Frozen on and off for months, thawed and smelling spicy.  The dyepo(e)ts stay out on the porch most of the time. Gotta move them anyway.  We need an outside fire pit.   Should think about that again.

nine for nothing

But, in terms of frameframe of mind,  today I want to think about nothing. I need more of these.

It is going to be a wild couple of weeks of porch and roof repair.  Not sure how much I will be here.


  1. JayJay

    I have a bucket of fermenting black walnuts that has been sitting outside my bedroom window since last fall. It was sort of an accident, I covered them with water and set another bucket on top that nested inside, but never got back to them. I have been feeling drawn to them lately…. Glad to know it’s “a thing”!! haha

  2. Love the birds.
    In Virginia we had a woodpecker. I loved seeing/hearing him in the trees. Not so much on the gutter downspouts. And I could listen to mourning doves all day. I think it was in Colorado where we had a lot of them around us.

  3. Els

    Woody will find some tasty bits in the trunk, and you provided tasty bits for the doves . . .
    A nine of earth . . . ready to grow something in it

  4. Peggy McG

    Love the thought of an empty frame.. openmindedness
    And change it up!
    Doves mate for life, wishing them a long and happy one!

  5. And here’s one of those constellations I was imagining! Good luck with the banging, and don’t forget to clear the windowsills like I did when we got a new roof.

  6. Beautiful bird pics. Our woodpeckers look similar, but not exactly the same. Lots of doves here too. When we went to Joshua Tree, there were so many doves perched everywhere, cooing and keep us awake! lol Still love the walnut squares.

  7. Louise

    What a beautiful bird Woody is! I want to put him in a drawing. Thank you for the image, it’s cheered up my day.

  8. Joan

    Such beautiful friends you have on your land!
    Hoping your repairs go smoothly and that Soul-o is not too traumatized.

  9. Beautiful Woody! Since I’ve moved to town, I really miss the pileated woodpeckers that dwelt in the woods — their calls, their flight.
    A lovely walnut squares. Wish I could get such lovely shading when I dye fleece & yarn.

    • jude

      amazing birds, seems unreal.
      maybe you could get shading by using some shibori techniques, you just gave me an idea

  10. Jana

    Wow, a resident Woody! And I love the doves. They are so soft and such an amazing color. I have a small deck tear-down and rebuild coming up soon … at least these projects have an end in sight. And what a joy to have it done! Enjoy walnutting!

  11. Wow, great pileated photo! We have them here, but usually stay more out of sight. Mourning doves – lots. Chickadees, juncos, nuthatches, sparrows, finches… I’m learning my birds and just love them. I haven’t found a source of black walnuts here, sadly. Good luck with your porch project, it will be for the best.

  12. Ksozgirl

    We have a Woody at our home! He’s been with us 3 years now. The birds are loved by my indoor kitties – Grace, Remy and Catsby- who watch from their window seat with envy.

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