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Hey 😎

good morning

He is really patient lately, wakes up early and just waits.

It's May,  and yet,  cold enough for a fire,  so I built one.  But here is a lawn update.  My neighbor told me to be careful, these weeds will take over.  He gave me a puzzled look when I said I was excited.


overlapping circles are a symbol for how everything is connected.

A little stitch.  Not to much,  just to make note of what was running  walking through my mind.  One at a time then,  walking stitch.

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  1. Bugle is a glorious plant, we cultivate garden varieties here in the UK but the wild one is just as good. Your neighbour obviously needs educating!
    My two black cats don’t have Soul-O’s patience. One is sent by his brother to shout at we humans until we provide breakfast/biscuits/grooming/water or whatever else slaves are required to do!
    He has beautiful eyes

  2. What a beautiful ‘lawn’!! There’s something about Soul-O next to that piece of art…
    We’ve been listening to versions of Will the Circle Be Unbroken 🙂

  3. Velma Bolyard

    ha! neighbors–as mine was whacking down her rosa rugosas, how messy these are, i said i just love the wild roses. she looked at me. my other neighbor, as he makes even more of a disasterous mess on the side of a hill (his, sadly) said: someone complained that this was messy…why do folks live on the land if they’re at war with it?

    • jude

      not connected I guess.
      Here, just a restoring process, somebody just didn’t care. never here really. a summer home not used.
      I heard a local tell me this house was totally full of woodpecker holes at one point and was re-sided a few years back. Wish there was a picture.

  4. And to think I paid money to buy plants! It hasn’t spread as well as I’d hoped but the sweet woodruff and vinca have. And now it takes me about 15 minutes with an electric weed eater to trim the grass paths that are left.

  5. Soul-o’s white is heart shaped in this photo, his whiskers providing the rounded curves at the top.
    That ajuga is beautiful! The little we have has sparse, washed out purple (not even lavender) flowers.

    • jude

      I saw the heart too .
      The ajuga is doing much better, I mulched the leaves and left them this year. And so many bees.

  6. Celia Wilson

    So nice to see such lovely weed friendly comments! I sometimes feel I am all alone, like a (self-seeded) petunia in an onion patch…

  7. Jan Stevenson

    I’d be excited about a lawn like that as well. patches of violets and swathes of dandelions here. the 13 yr old kitty boy here goes to the basement to sleep. . .otherwise he’d be demanding snacks every two hours.

  8. sharon

    is there a creature more patient than a cat? ours will wait peacefully beside a gopher hole, returning with his trophy hours later…

  9. Corinne

    Beautiful deep blue Ajuga.. During my childhood we always cut the lawn around the Ajuga. Now, green monoculture lawns are not considered helpful for the environment. I have let the violets, dandelions and white clover grow and I am working on expanding the moss areas. The lawn is something like a quilt, adding this and that and letting it grow into different visual dimensions. Soul-O has the most compelling eyes. Love how they use telepathy to talk!

    • jude

      so much moss here, love it. patches of this and that are showing up now that we mow less. still need some mowing because of ticks.
      He has great eyes.

  10. Juliann

    I had a yard once full of self-seeded batchelor buttons, fleabane, and a few other “weeds”. I mowed paths through making islands. My neighbor wouldn’t come over because she “knew” there were snakes in the weeds. Best deterrent ever.

  11. Helen Lee

    Hey Soul-O 😙 He is so beautiful and his eyes look silver here.

    Getting excited about Bugleweed. ..or any weed…is perfect.

    Your cloud dreams cloth…sigh.

  12. You mean he was warning you about ajuga? I love it!
    Rhu has been mostly sleeping very late these days. Then he reaches his waiting limit and MUST be let out! I’m upstairs getting dressed and he sounds like he’s DYING downstairs because he must wait a few more minutes… what a drama queen!

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