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I don’t know

I thought I would post these, just little things holding together.

Instead of posting this, which is a bit much

But it is how I was feeling, and well, I was also feeling free. Right here out in the open.


and now for some calm


  1. Lynn

    Outrage here in Australia for our American sisters, if Roe v. Wade is overturned. Outrage at Mitch McConnell. And to quote a person here: “ ….the theocracy inside our democracy” would also seem to apply. HOPE for rationality.

  2. Enfoirés ! ah ça oui.
    Cette loi ne dérange personne, c’est juste une question de santé pour une femme, pour sa famille !
    J’espère qu’on restera vigilants. A chaque instant. Dans notre pays.
    Et on voit qu’il ne faut vraiment pas grand chose pour que le choix politique balance très vite de l’autre côté. Et de défaire ce qui est bien.
    Misère ! j’ai envie de crier:

  3. Flora Lea

    I remember what it was like before Row. I hope we do not have to return to that time. Choice is the answer. Every woman is entitled to choice.
    Perhaps every man can have a vasectomy, freeze the sperm, and when ready there is invetro. Might solve may issues!

  4. Debra

    Absolutely agreed. BUT–there’s always a but. This may be a good thing in the end. To my understanding Roe vs Wade was poorly worded and has legally been on shakey ground since the beginning. Now is the time for a proper re-do to clarify any ambiguous wording. It is time for a new, stronger beginning, not the end.

  5. Mary Park

    I am only going to say one thing and then I am done, What about that poor little baby that has no say so, ever wonder how blessed you are to be here, , yes a woman should have rights, and what she does with her body is ok, but she has no authority to take that baby’s life,

    • jude

      There are others here that feel as you do, tho they may have not spoken, and tho I don’t agree, I appreciate your honesty.

  6. I’m still in shock — and also worried about further threats to our democracy & our constitutional rights. When I was younger, I lived & worked in Libya for 5 years. I know what authoritarianism is like. I’m scared for the future of the U.S.

  7. Marti

    I’m reading this, raising my finger in solidarity with yours: At 74, I’ve lived long enough to know how hard won this battle for a woman’s right to choose was; it should not still be so. A woman’s right to choose is just that, her right…an absolutely essential right.
    I’ve done my share of calling my congressional leaders. marching in protest for many issues and always, always VOTING in all elections. We are fortunate here in New Mexico that this state respects a woman’s right to choose but nothing can be taken for granted. We are safe here for the time being but elsewhere, Safe is vanishing!

    After 4 years of Trump, the fire in my belly had extinguished but today, I feel the pull of a spark so once more into the fight and above all else, please VOTE midterms and beyond.

  8. Yes. Very. I went where my mother went so when she marched, so did I.
    They don’t know how bad it was. They haven’t been told how many die here now, Even though we have the best medical care in the world IF YOU CAN PAY FOR IT. but that’s the point isn’t it.

  9. Ksozgirl

    Motherfuckers on male steroids. Asshats. It’s chilling to me as women we are not covered under constitutional law.

  10. Jana

    Oh, my, yessssssssssssss!

    Sometimes those little things holding together are mighty strong. We will rise, we are rising, we have risen … together! No going back.

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