jude hill spirit cloth


this one is very friendly.

I find myself mostly wordless at the moment.  Which,  I am learning,  is more than just   OK.


O.K. Rhymes with May.

May then, O.K.

Only days away.

Thank you for the spacePlace.


  1. Tina

    I spent the weekend in Iron Mountain MI .. got to see a few deer just hanging around. Best of all I got to see an Eagle circle above. Whatever you do or say or don’t say .. is OK with me.

  2. Laura

    Your backyard is such a wonderful calm space. It is beautiful. TY for all the photographs of where you live, and of those beauties who visit or live there with you.

  3. Kristin

    Definitely great to take and savor time to be free❤️and just breathe in the sweet air of May floating in the breezes.🤗❤️🌺💕

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