jude hill spirit cloth

life in the valley in winter

The man has his creative side too. Though he does not see that in himself.

thread heads

He redid the faces, (remember this?)  He said they needed some updating.  And then, after a day of trying to fix the insulation around the front door, since the cost of energy has skyrocketed,  he left me a present which was a bit startling when I got up in the dark to pee.  Interesting. Yarn on the heads, felt spider.  Textile art.

I have decided to post in the Forever Zone once a week. On Wednesdays. There is a moon thingie here in the sidebar that takes you directly to the Forever Diaries, for convenience, if you Zoners just want to stop by to see what's new.


  1. Belinda Toby

    We have a key holder that is similar and was my grandmother’s. Never thought of putting other faces on. Thank you both. Very precious.🥰

  2. Vi

    :):)…oh, I really enjoyed this…that’s really funny. He, must have a lovely sense of humour that catches you unawares…fun.

  3. Jana

    Adorable … the new heads, holding court over the household key keeper. I think I’d have to laugh or at least chuckle each time I saw these. Thanks for sharing.

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