jude hill spirit cloth

Frosty and ok

Yeah, it's winter again for now.  Looks done here, maybe 2" of slushy snow, temperature dropping quickly.  But really, no wind. Not here.

We are quite cozy.



  1. Deb

    Despite the cold it looks so serene, just like I remember it. We have had a heat wave for most of March than last night after 2 days of heavy rain, heat and humidity it dropped 31 degree here in Florida, by then the rain had passed over so no snow for us. Unfortunately a tornado hit on the other side of town. Smart little guy keeping cozy in his Soul space.

    • jude

      it was all as not expected, melting already under the bright sun, even tho it is frigid today. He is quite happy with comfort, getting old like me.

  2. jeri

    Uh Oh… Looks like you sent the snow our way… we got at least 5 inches today and the wind…. !!! It sure was pretty though. Better days are coming.

  3. Pam S.

    Going to get below freezing here tonight 🥶 crazy strong wind all night and today! I’m ready for this storm to leave!

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