jude hill spirit cloth

Just a little change

Yesterday was pretty much black and white.

a little more winter

And then blue.

a little thin cloth

It snowed all day, but in the end, just a little.

Today, after a little sun, it will be gone.  But I caught it in cloth.

Sometimes, when I feel like I'm going nowhere, I focus on smaller steps. Shrink myself down and they seem like a long journey.

Forever Diary entry #2

(zoners, click the moon thingy to enter the zone)


    • jude

      so I guess I’ve about had it with the snow, but it certainly brings out the thoughts in me. good thing, we are in for another big storm tomorrow. Bigger in wind than snow, but wind inspires too.

  1. sharon

    “little” is so comforting… is it because we began our life on earth as a small seed within a basket-like womb? when i star gaze, i feel little again.
    your cloth, words ‘n photos comfort me in the same way. truly magical, jude. x

  2. snow!
    I sat basking in the sun this afternoon………
    wise people are always saying how you should to cut up the big tasks in life (some days I think: aren’t they all??) into bite-size morsels, one foot in front of the other……love

  3. bee

    Sometimes when I need to shift my view I need to just stop completely first … I feel like that’s very akin to shrinking. I like that.
    Should be part of my daily practice.
    Thanks for the view Jude 💕

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