jude hill spirit cloth

A Longer View

How it might happen.

coming together

All the walls are covered with pinning cloths.  So I might take inventory of all the loose things floating around.


Winter chaos is apparent.

In Perspective.  Not really looking backwards,  but simply stepping back to embrace context in a bigger way.   That's what I am keeping in my mind as I gather thoughts on my new forever ( as long as I can) series.   Everything in Perspective. Maybe just gathering my thoughts for this series might better help me define the term itself as it fits to my own language system. Still on track for February.

I will begin some series storming.  Just start jotting down my objectives.  I think I need to do this in order to  get a feel for the size of my dreaming. Which includes publishing the unpublished and updating old materials.  There will be many focuses. Slower.

Thought Catching ( the birth of story) will continue as an audio series.

Small Cloth and Large cloth will become one thing. Because really they are sisters.

Loose Pages, my journal is a new adventure. I might refer to  it as Paper 2 Cloth 2 Paper. In perspective,  has become a circle. I really haven't even touched on my paper work.

And then weaving, a review, and a moving forward, I was never done.

And then, any special questions or requests you might have. Now or along the way.


My new teaching goals will require changes to this site.  Therefore the site might be down now and then while I address these changes.  Apologies for any inconvenience.

I hope to have the full series description ready by February 1.


  1. Sharon+Koch

    it’s all brilliantly exciting, jude. the whatever-ness of it. any direction you choose will be mind-blowing. just grateful to be here. hi ho… hi ho,,, it’s off the grid we go… x

  2. A thought… I just signed up for the Patchwork in Perspective (Part 2 was opened) a few days ago (loving it, Btw). Do I sign up again for the next part when that opens or is it all one workshop? Thanks so much! ❤️

  3. Carla

    I really hope we can see some of your fabric dyeing techniques and how you make your dye somewhere along the series. Interested in seeing the weaving aspect as well. I enjoy the slower pace. Life moves too fast as it is. I find it relaxing to watch your pieces progress and listen.

    • jude

      I guess, I will just show exactly what is happening, step by step, and what I am thinking while I am doing. But I guess that’s what I do. Sometimes though, I skip stuff, I want to fill those gaps.

    • jude

      I will release the series for sale in the shop on February 1 if all goes as planned. Of course I’m laughing because you know me.😎

  4. Jerry NyBlom

    Really looking forward to all of it!!!!

    (I do have a question: in attempting to access the earlier parts of “perspective” purchased–password(s) saved no longer work…hmm, am I doing something wrong? Have a forgotten something (entirely possible–HAH!) or have things changed? Please excuse my confusion…

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