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Hey Folks,

Because I have had some requests, I have released Part 2 of PatchWork in Perspective for review.. Before I continue with the series.

After laboring over the decision this morning, it is now in the  Shop.


I will not be offering Part 1  at this time. I know some of you have asked. But it will be included and continued with Part 4.




The line between public and private has become very confusing . Maybe I have just complicated things too much as usual.  I am sorry I keep changing my mind but I am trying to set things up to stay one way, to make things run smoothly as I slip into forever mode.

Have a good weekend.   February will be here soon enough.



  1. Really enjoying your processes! And I NEVER knew you could get floss on a spool! Imagine that! I go through those small skeins quickly, so I decided to purchase 2, black and white which I will dye. I am wondering why you don’t use regular sewing thread?

    • jude

      because I have so much and there are always leftovers in the thread nest. And it comes in so many colors. It is also softer. I occasionally use sewing thread, still some hanging around from my sewing machine days.

  2. Julie Windred

    Hi Jude.
    I signed up on the 14th but haven’t received any course i do as yet.
    Really looking forward to starting the course. Thankyou for making it available. It’s light in these dark times.

  3. Judy

    And I reiterate everything Kristi has said. A wise and kind heart, magical use of words to reflect thoughts that I cannot seem to express but deeply feel. I read your posts Jude and think ‘yes…yes…yeeeeeees!’ And I love hearing your voice. I hope that somehow all of the positive energy coming your way, gets to you. Be safe, be well.

    • Kristi

      Oh sweet Jude you have a beautiful wise & very kind heart. The amount of time & energy spent doesnt go unnoticed I hope for you to find the ease you deserve. THANK YOU FOR ALL YOU DO. I havent done anystitching in forever but often I put you on just so I can hear your voice & the way you see & explain things along with random life is so soothing & calming for my high anxiety ridden heart. & it’s also so enjoyable with a nice cuppa tea on blah snow day you’re the cozy fire that warms the room. Be well xxoo – Kristi

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