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I have done a bit of edge dipping in the past, but I thought I might try a few new things.

What-iffing should be collective I think. So much could be learned. And I made a comment on my last post which is gnawing at me, might the Glossary be a community effort? How could we make that work?

Ok. So how about...

Everything in Perspective


I think that might be a good way to look at things going forward.  I will open up Patchwork in Perspective parts 1 and 2 for those of you who have asked to purchase access.  I will put it in the shop soon, as soon as I get through a few  issues here which are taking my focus away from my normal day to day. I have had a bit of change of heart about open learning recently.  I want to share everything but I cannot deal with the downside of free and open any longer, some people are very mean spirited and well, I just want to maintain a more respectful circle of going. I also need to maintain a stream of modest income, because I do maintain an element of support for others in need, because I can, and I that means why not?

So, I will continue to offer my basic older classes for free but I will be changing the passwords at one point so you or anyone new will have to contact me directly to get the access information. Direct contact really makes a difference in the way folks act.

And I will be offering  what I will call Everything in Perspective, a new and final part of Patchwork in Perspective that will run from February 19th 2022 (my 71st birthday) until the end of time as I can know it.  This will allow me to reconsider everything past in the context of pulling it forward.  Maybe with a monthly focus. I will gather my thoughts and share them with you, hopefully before they wander off.  And then maybe you can help me shape this journey.

I have a bit of storming to do.  And we are expecting a bit of snow. Or at least I hope so.

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