jude hill spirit cloth

How it is

a loose page rethunk

This is a loose thought/self revisited. I am seeking guidance. I might stitch this.


So now what?  There are so many things in my mind.

I want to continue but then I also want to start over.  Re-imagine.

Let me just say that my relocation in 2019 really interrupted what I was doing here. especially the Patchwork in  Perspective in Perspective Series. In Perspective.

I dropped it all, and never really returned.  There are unanswered comments and  questions and lost thoughts.  I really wanted it to be a Dairy of Days.  Can I just open to it again and can it still be meaningful if I just continue?   Should I start over?  Should I invite new folks to join?  Can it work? So much time has passed.

Ok, let me make a decision.

Later. PS...I put a link to the full glossary in the sidebar menu.  if you are new here, the words underlined in red dots are link to glossary entries, still being revised as needed.


  1. Vi

    Jude…by just being and doing what you do , has given me the space to remember to re think, break thru some rules, touch thoughts which I had put away , for “some rainy day”…
    To find a patch of freshness again.
    ………and that’s a lot:)
    Just being does these things:)

  2. Kathy+Conway

    I only discovered your classes in the past tense. I would love to join one on-going! If it’s not to be, I feel as though all of your blog and instagram posts are new lessons. Thanks for all you share. ❤️

  3. I am in the midst of a big move, having moved here only 3 years ago and whilst packing today, I was thinking about how disruptive it is to my creative process having to pack up everything ! I saw projects started years ago and never finished– I put them in the boxes figuring they’ll get completed eventually.. There was a few things I gave up on and donated.
    Bottom line is —I agree totally with you, Jude. Moving is a huge interruption in our lives, but life keeps moving on and so do we. You’re always an inspiration to me–

  4. Sharon+Koch

    what if patchwork in perspective is an ongoing timeline where you (we) drop in now ‘n then? does it need to be “finished”? does creativity have an expiration date? really enjoying these “loose pages”. x

  5. Loved your post & thought of W.S. Merwin’s wonderful poem which is one I’ve been contemplating a lot now that I’m78 years old.


    For some time I thought there was time
    and that there would always be time
    for what I had a mind to do
    and what I could imagine
    going back to and finding it
    as I had found it the first time
    but by this time I do not know
    what I thought when I thought back then

    there is no time yet it grows less
    there is the sound of rain at night
    arriving unknown in the leaves
    once without before or after
    then I hear the thrush waking
    at daybreak singing the new song

  6. New Ragmate here. I have been going through all your blog posts from years ago, signed up for your Whispering White too. I’m so very drawn to you and your work. I’ve been a stitcher my whole life but the way you look at things has caused me to rethink (rules are made to be broken) so many things and has opened new doors, ideas are now flowing. You make me see there are no rules, just enjoy the cloth and stitch, no right, no wrong, just the process of making.
    I want to say, YES continue with Patchwork in Perspective, but I also respect ones need to cut things out when not the right time. All that said, I would join and totally enjoy going though all posts/lessons as they stand now but I have not found a place/link to do so. (it says go through the ThreadCrumbs Shop but I couldn’t find it listed) Please at least open that up to us newbies even if you don’t make one more lesson, I just know there’s good stuff in there and personally I want to experience it. I am happy to make a donation or whatever is required.
    There you have it, begged and more begging. 😂
    And moving stinks, it does disrupt ones entire state of being, I’m experiencing that now and wonder what life will look like on the other side.

  7. Jen NyBlom

    im thinking about about circles….no beginning, no end, just continuing.
    i dont really know where im going either…
    maybe we all have too many expectations about how things “should” go…
    maybe we should just…flow.
    thinking about that….

  8. dorylyn

    maybe start over? when I see where I have dropped or not finished ideas I never question the why. I just start over. If it was meant to be finished nothing would have stopped the flow.
    only my opinion

  9. I feel confident that whatever you decide to do, it will be what is right for you in this moment. I (we) will travel along…or not, make our own adjustments or not…all will just continue, for is there ever an end (in this sense) or a morphing. I’m just blabbing on to say all is fine, okay. In my early days here, I used to feel concerned when things may be changing or you may be going away…now I’ve relaxed into this world and all is well.
    I like this drawing that looks like a cross between a frog and a hotdog bun to me! 😂

  10. Mimmi in NS

    I enjoy your mind’s wandering down threads of thought…and then you stitch it all together into an eclectic Idea.
    I saw the above sketch and thought of Toad saying ‘It’s not the sort of night for bed anyhow.’ Mimmi in NS

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