jude hill spirit cloth

How it seems it might go…


December Sorting...

and there they are, spilling over

I keep my puzzle pieces (one of my patchwords,)  in boxes. Recycled from what ever came in them, covered in paper scrap, recycled from whatever. And they often become little journals about what they hold.

The one inch puzzle box.

I talked about the puzzle in Small Cloth. One part of Patchwork in Perspective, some of you were there.  I will continue there now and then,  just so you know,  there is more to say.  I guess I may add content to all my classes,  Free or Free Enough.  Because I am simply not done. What is done?

Anyway, any updates to content will always be announced in these newsletters.

Just a note to newcomers. The words underlined in red dots, link to my growing glossary.  Which is the skeleton for my elusive book. ha!

I will be cleaning up here in December, some stuff  needs doing now that I am back. I will begin adding new content with the New Year.    December is always my month to catch up and get certain things done, like mending, chores and such.  Clear my head.

I made a short post on Spirit Cloth today.

Thank you all for being here.


  1. Monica

    jude, I just noticed the tagline in your sidebar from Jung: “If the path before you is clear, you are probably on someone else’s.” My talisman quote comes from him as well: “The way to wholeness is made of wrong turns and fateful detours.” Love your work and deep thought.

  2. Mary P

    So happy to receive any post from you, it’s the first thing I look for in my email , I thought I was bad, went to Dr first time in 3 years, hate going because it just starts domino effect, love your posts and hearing from you ,

  3. just as “patchwork is a puzzle with infinite solutions” so too your blogs are full of ideas that can be pieced together in infinite ways … if only I could figure out how to make a “box” big enough to hold all the ideas that result

  4. Sharing what moves me… I’m going to ramble, hold on. Oh I DO love those little squares. The colors are so pretty, well, maybe it’s the patched scrappy paper journal colors that are calling to me… Or maybe it’s the time of day you took the photo, it looks so golden and I spy the paper bag bits which make my heart sing.
    And BTW, I’ve been gathering and doing a bit of making myself. Those paperless patches, I think I’m in LOVE. At first they made me a little crazy, trying to figure out just how to go about cutting and preparing them in an orderly manner. But I’m so pleased with my efforts now. I made a template and penciled around that on some scraps, cut them, ironed over 2 ends, did your glue baste, then ironed the other 2 ends and glue basted them. Have to tell you Jude, did I say I’m loving this?! I have all these perfect little soldiers piled up and can’t wait to stitch them together. I am using whites and off white cloth and stitching with black thread. ❤️
    and one last thing, thought or question… If we sign up for one of your Free Enough Classes and we have a question, where do we ask?
    Oh I guess I have one more thing… a BOBCAT? yes I know that was on the other blog.

    • jude

      Oh you can always email me with questions…
      Bobcats are around here, usually hard to spot but I am an early riser and they are out before dawn…

    • Peggy McG

      Your words are an inspirational form of glue stitches holding all your thoughts together for us. I love the idea that the puzzle pieces are their own journal!

  5. Sharon+Koch

    ahhhhh… one inch puzzle pieces! takes me back to patchwork in perspective! my heart is dancing! love how cloth can become a form of time travel. thanks, jude, for making this possible for sooo many. we love u, yeah, yeah, yeah… xxx

  6. Been away for a while with my life upside down in boxes (You have been through upheaval recently, I know) I am looking forward to settling in for the winter and getting back to my patches and finishing my robe. Little boxes are waiting…..thank you for being a light on the path…..happy holidays🌲🌲🌲

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