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Ok then,

Good Morning...

tis the season for the joy in little things...

After yesterday's messy note, I realize some of you are still following here, which is nice to know.   Let me just say  that in general, I am going through a lot of old process videos so I might add them to the Methods Index which is really so incomplete.  Although it may be a bit slow here through December,  with the start of the New Year I will also be revisiting a series I called Magic Diaries, openly publishing the content for the first time.  And this coming year I will also be reconsidering weave,  because I see a lot more weaving in my future.

I did a little  post over at Spirit Cloth this morning.  Just to try to explain from the other side,  these two web places that I maintain.  Two selves maybe that just need to coexist. If only just for me.  Someday, some how , they will come together, maybe in new form. It is simply much easier to put audio and video here.  And at least the posts are delivered efficiently.  i hope I might create some easy flow back and forth so all might make some easy sense as I continue to share my story.  I so enjoy it.  I thank you for your patience.

I end with a question, do you have any questions?

Moody jude

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