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Ok then,

Good Morning...

tis the season for the joy in little things...

After yesterday's messy note, I realize some of you are still following here, which is nice to know.   Let me just say  that in general, I am going through a lot of old process videos so I might add them to the Methods Index which is really so incomplete.  Although it may be a bit slow here through December,  with the start of the New Year I will also be revisiting a series I called Magic Diaries, openly publishing the content for the first time.  And this coming year I will also be reconsidering weave,  because I see a lot more weaving in my future.

I did a little  post over at Spirit Cloth this morning.  Just to try to explain from the other side,  these two web places that I maintain.  Two selves maybe that just need to coexist. If only just for me.  Someday, some how , they will come together, maybe in new form. It is simply much easier to put audio and video here.  And at least the posts are delivered efficiently.  i hope I might create some easy flow back and forth so all might make some easy sense as I continue to share my story.  I so enjoy it.  I thank you for your patience.

I end with a question, do you have any questions?

Moody jude


  1. Joyce Leatherwood

    yes I have a question! I was part of your ‘Big Cloth’ series or class and I am still working on a big cloth from that era. I am to the part of adding on more sections to make it larger but I cannot seem to figure out how to get back to that series to reread your notes on how to do it. I am muddling along but would love to re-read some of it. Can you tell me where that is or how to find it if it is still available? Thank you!!!

    • jude

      Oh hey, all that content was so unorganized, since I ran that on the blog after moving here, let me try to pull it together and create a link…

  2. Whichever direction you decide to travel I always enjoy your musings and look forward to the next chapter – Thank you always for your generous sharings and wishing you a very merry solstice season xXx

  3. karen stearns

    Are you still considering a book or collection of your loose pages? I am so impressed with the immense body of work you have online. I have learned (and still learning) so much from you. Hand sewing is my therapy, my love and my respite from difficult times. Thank you so much for your generosity in sharing your knowledge.

  4. Kerry Rochford

    Hi Jude
    I would love to know how long you spend each day stitching.? I am guessing it varies but would love an approximation.
    Just trying to figure out how you are so amazingly productive!
    Many thanks

    • jude

      Not much really, lately, maybe an hour, sometimes two split between morning and evening. I have been sewing for a lifetime, a lot of what I stitch is continuing on bases created over time. it gets confusing as to ho long stuff takes.

  5. Carolyn

    Questions: what could be better than a hand written note, a tiny house so small it only needs a breath to sweep it and a collective known as ragmates.

  6. gaile

    No questions but want to say I appreciate you, I’m so grateful for everything I’ve learned from you. I think you’re wonderful!

  7. Aida Sheets

    I tend to be one of those followers who just lurks in the background, but I just wanted to say thank you for all the effort you put into your blogs and website. I enjoy the connection, reading and hearing your thoughts on cloth, stitch, and life. I’ve also learned from you and appreciate the knowledge that you share. Hope your holidays are wonderful!

  8. snicklefritzin43

    I love your eclectic wreath – so celebratory of the season.
    1seeing you here is a good thing for me, always easy to read.

  9. I follow on IG and here and somewhere else where I get your other posts. No questions, just to let you know how much I enjoy all of it . This picture is elegant in its simplicity. Just lovely. Thanks for sharing – inspired me.

  10. I’m so glad you sent an email. Often times I lose a website because I hadn’t saved it. I adore everything about your style and methods and they way you communicate. I made sure to bookmark this time! I will be here often, and I thank you for your gift of skill, creativity and time.

  11. Sharon+Koch

    oooooooooH! love the easy back-n-forth between portals! super excited about magic diaries ‘n weaving! stuff to look forward to… a simple wreath is such a fine idea. what if it were warped? o yes, jude, a verrrrry good morning! x

  12. I am always thrilled to get your emails. My life would not be as wonderful without your posts. I love simple and am reminded by your wreath that I always think more fiber should be in our decorations. Deepest thanks for your daily gift to me…

  13. Vicki L Hollander

    Takes a lot…and I send my gratitude to you.
    I’m a senior pre-beginner who has dangled on the sidelines wanting to learn, follow clear steps for the slow-learner.
    First go here…then here…
    So will look forward to seeing a pathway in for folks like me.
    When working and going over past classes I gave I was forever updating, tweaking, from what I had learned in the doing.
    Clarifying what seemed in review was unclear.
    I look forward to learning from your sight the best entryway.
    Health to you and gentle passage as the tides of light turn.

  14. Jen NyBlom

    Love your wreath…of course, i do love the circle motif as I know you do as well.
    Happy to find you here, there…everywhere <3
    Looking forward to weaving-in the new year ;-D

  15. Good to hear from you this morning! I have two sites too. Boundaries between them that were clear are becoming more blurry. Making it up as I go along really. I value whatever you post wherever it is! Especially looking forward to more weaving, although it’s very new to me.

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