jude hill spirit cloth

Almost October


  1. amaranda de jong

    “What a long great trip it’s been ” to paraphrase , am grateful but not dead (yet ) Thanks Jude see you on the other place xxxx

  2. Geneviève Oliver

    Thank you Jude. From the Pyrénées, in the South of France! Thank you for all you shared : joyce and creativity, freedom of your own being, instants of your silent life in this house in the middle of the country…all these posts like little lights : there, above the great ocean, a woman, Jude lives my dreams. Go on and have peace and fun ! And thank you again!

  3. Vi

    I am just so happy with whatever you offer, here.
    Thank you.
    I really appreciate it. It’s helped my own learning curve so very much….and continues to do so!

  4. Stacey Sellers

    Sadly, I used to be subscribed to your blog but something happened and I stopped getting them a couple years ago. I tried unsuccessfully to re-subscribe several times. Oh, well! Just happy you’re still here, somewhere, when I look. It has always been a pleasure, wherever you are. Thank you!

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