Feel Free

Just to be clear…

Just one last try to untangle my cryptic self. The one that goes along saying stuff that nobody gets really.  And that I am tired of trying to explain.  I  can get there on my own without dragging you along.

it's way to hot to worry

Yesterday, I made the decision to move my blogging back to Spirit Cloth/TypePad.  Many personal feelings  were involved. I  made another post there this morning.  Explaining.   And then this morning, after that post, I decided to close this website after my subscription runs out.   Somewhere around year's end.  I think.  My new goal is only...to simplify, to stop trying so hard to do what nobody but me probably cares about, to just go back to my daily journal whatever that turns out to be.   And so, this is the last email notification you will get  from here until that happens.  My free class links will be moved to the Spirit Cloth Blog  and the rest will be history, maybe showing up here and there,  in my story telling.    So ,the undoing  of a lot of the confusion and duplication has begun,  feeling less important, worrying less about legacy,  just going the best I can over there trying my best to deal with whatever limitation arise. Why?  Because it is home, I am happy there and that's enough.  And I need more time . For nothing in particular.

Maybe just watching Soul-o in a heat coma on the porch.  Or caring for those I love.

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