Feel Free

Just to be clear…

Just one last try to untangle my cryptic self. The one that goes along saying stuff that nobody gets really.  And that I am tired of trying to explain.  I  can get there on my own without dragging you along.

it's way to hot to worry

Yesterday, I made the decision to move my blogging back to Spirit Cloth/TypePad.  Many personal feelings  were involved. I  made another post there this morning.  Explaining.   And then this morning, after that post, I decided to close this website after my subscription runs out.   Somewhere around year's end.  I think.  My new goal is only...to simplify, to stop trying so hard to do what nobody but me probably cares about, to just go back to my daily journal whatever that turns out to be.   And so, this is the last email notification you will get  from here until that happens.  My free class links will be moved to the Spirit Cloth Blog  and the rest will be history, maybe showing up here and there,  in my story telling.    So ,the undoing  of a lot of the confusion and duplication has begun,  feeling less important, worrying less about legacy,  just going the best I can over there trying my best to deal with whatever limitation arise. Why?  Because it is home, I am happy there and that's enough.  And I need more time . For nothing in particular.

Maybe just watching Soul-o in a heat coma on the porch.  Or caring for those I love.


  1. Lindsay

    I am not able to comment on the old blog so I’ll try here. I’ve been checking in daily or weekly reading and looking at Spirit Cloth since 2007 I think! Thank you for sharing your cloth story. It is inspiring, calming, and shows one way and many ways of doing. I really like the tags in the original blog. Especially “sanity.”

  2. Jude, your stitching helped change the way I think about stitching and cloth and making. I will always be grateful to you and your creatures, and I wish you and those you care for happiness wherever you are. I will come and find you.

  3. Deb

    I know the book idea has floated through your threads many times. I know it would be a lot of work but it would definitely be something I would buy and cherish and a beautiful cap to your legacy. But you’ve inspired so many and I’ve gleaned so much inspiration from all you’ve shared over the years that your legacy is already firmly in many of our hearts and spirits.

  4. Kathy Conway

    Your legacy is well established in all who have been inspired to try something new. One day at a time. I never thought I would be hand stitching or natural dyeing. What joy!

  5. i keep my blog but haven’t much tended to it lately (lately being years now, with occasional forays for Art Every day month but last year even that went to instagram). When it gets to be a grind instead of a joy, it’s time to change something. Good for you !

  6. Barb Patterson

    Technology becomes a total frustration. Too much time spent grappling the vehicle. I am trying to mend a gaping wound while trying to find new harmony. Do not feel that you need to explain to me. I treasure your posts.

  7. CJ

    I think we often find more clarity and care by closing some of our tabs and setting up a little more easy peasy in our later journeys.

  8. Alice

    Say what you will. No need to explain. Some days you’re sun. Some days you’re the rain. No need to drag. We’ll float or we’ll fall. Say what you will. It matters at all.

just share what moves through you...