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Where am I ?

But then, really, how do I separate them?


  1. Mary P

    So glad and happy to be hearing from you again, it has been a confusing summer, but we are so glad you are hanging in there, you inspire me, I discovered that my life needs to be super simple right now, simple is good.

  2. Barb patterson

    I am feeling confused too. I feel that I am moving toward something, someone vital. I see many are experiencing unsettledness. My stitching helps me balance. I knit and spin on Sundays. A dear Great Aunt told me not to sew on Sunday or I would rip it out with my nose. Setting a day aside for something else helps. Safe travels friends.

    • Mary

      My Grandmother told me the same thing, never sew on Sunday or you would have to pick them out with your nose, must be something to it, whether it is or not I do not sew on Sunday, I usually do all my cutting on Sunday if I just have to be doing something

  3. Cath

    Dear Jude, 🌻
    since your other blog does not take comments, I’ll comment here.
    I was wondering what you mean by needing a place that might save you from sameness?
    Lots of us are confused, it’s true that it must be trending‼️❗️I have been feeling confused all summer and my best friend just called me and said the same thing.

  4. Julie Windred

    I will follow you wherever you post as I just love what you generously share. Thankyou for letting me get to know you.
    If you could let me know how to find your old blog as I am new to this one?
    Have a wonderful day.
    Jules xxx

  5. While I tend to think the home-ness of a blog (or a place) has much more to do with content than address, my own frustrations with WordPress limitations makes me understand. For me it’s like being in a small rental where I can’t paint or make changes, rather than my own home where I can make it reflect me. That doesn’t feel like home.
    That said, your friends love you no matter where you are and I’m among those who will follow you wherever you go.

  6. Debra A Price Agrums Sposa

    So happy to hear you will be moving back to you old blog. It was my favorite place to go everyday. Never was comfortable with this newer format. But that’s just me. I have trouble with change. Ha ha! Sending you lots of love as always! xoxoxo

  7. snicklefritzin43

    yFinding a place that feels like home, a journey, takes time….may you walk this path with ease and find just where home truly is for you

  8. Sandra

    This technical stuff and computers can get so complicated that it makes one tired. Anyway, your photos and commentaries and Soul-o are very often the very best part of the day. You are admired and respected. ..we love your insights and examples….but only do what seems best for you, if it’s too much stress..winter is coming soon and we will all be inside, stitching away and reading of your adventures and admiring your beautiful stitches. …Your magic forest outside your home is beautiful…Labor Day is on the way. ..time flies…

  9. I once tried to have two web sites — one for my business and one for the blog that went with it. Waaaay too confusing for me. I consolidated. But whatever and wherever, it has to feel like home, so head there and see what arises. We honor and celebrate you and your work no matter what.

  10. Jen NyBlom

    Sometimes, when life is in a constant state of flux, it’s hard to know where to settle.
    Will follow here you lead, just tell me where to find your footsteps xoxo

  11. Nancy

    Be where you need to. Do what you need to. But, yes, I think it is all one, wherever it may be.
    Big love to you. Confusion is trending now. xo

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