jude hill spirit cloth

Time to Be

Good Morning a little late


... while there is peace in the valley once again.

6.1 inches of rain according to my rain gauge.  One sunflower down. Sun's out. Me too.


  1. debgorr

    The survivors. 🙂 I am looking at my garden from the other end…what has survived drought? And sadly…what might be a fire issue?

  2. Sharon Koch

    flowers always look so HAPPY to me… like they’re just celebrating LIFE! (both sunshine ‘n rain!) love the dappled light. x

  3. Barbara Weaver

    That IS good news —. I mean, the storm passing you by…… the images are lovely
    — hope it’s not too boggy underfoot!
    In Brighton UK we’re still awaiting Summer! But locals smile knowingly & say, “We’ve still got September” &, yes, it always is unutterably gorgeous!
    Only with things as they are, ‘always’ is a now a loaded word!
    So glad you’re OK by the sound of it —
    take care & be well! 🙏🏻🌹🙏🏽

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