jude hill spirit cloth

Grab on to it

Pfffft. No Big Wind really.

But Big Rain, 28 hours of it, so far.

She fell early on

There was only one sunflower, one biggish one, to survive the deer.  She collapsed in the big rain and the only decent wind gust, early on.  But here she is this morning.  It is still pouring.

Something as simple as continuing by sharing the way

Yesterday was dark.  I needed a lamp to stitchJust small cloth.  Wondering why I just didn't continue the quilting on Heal.  But again I found myself form chasing.  Some loose patch  dyed in a hexagon shape.  Could it become a sun or a star?  The same thing really except the shape we imagine them as.   And the the spiral, maybe because of the storm.   And the space I ran into  while whirling around,  it reached out.  Pulled a bit of fringe free so it  could continue the flow, the force.  I couldn't sleep, the sound of the rain had me worried about the garden and I woke up to the same rain and the birds were chirping and the tomatoes were still standing and I even found a couple of gifts  waiting to remind me.  Joy. The Joy in new form.  New form as sharing.   I named this Energy Transfer.   And it holds Yesterday and then Today perfectly suspended for looking.

It could even be considered a Sunflower.  Right?


loose patches resting on the safety net I call sanity.

Just looking,  the one on the left, stitched while wondering where the wind was.  Or just to keep busy and stop bitching.  I like the resulting form, but not the colors too much.  The thought is caught... now remembering also that I was really trying to hold the weaving together since the tiny strips were just leftovers I needed to rescue and the cloth is what I call a hard weave, fraying easily because of the smooth spin in the threads used to weave it.   Sometimes form  is simply a result of trying to hold it together.  And working from that.  It is holding.  No plans to leave these here,  I can remember.


  1. Sharon Koch

    love the movement in the background cloth to which the gifts are pinned. interesting how caught thoughts become a form re-interpreted by each viewer. laughed about the new hibiscus flower ignoring the rain. x

  2. I love Energy Transfer. That says it all for me. The irregularity of the core shape gives it a lightheartedness while the black and white points speak to me of power. The spiral leading out and onward … love it. And of course, the little touch of fringe — perfect. Glad the storm was not too bad. My house sits on a rise and I’m always glad of it when there’s heavy rains (like this time of year). The last sunflower of summer … tenderness.

  3. I like those two patches together. They make a conversation of weather or weathering. Over 3 inches of rain here in less than 3 hours. Minor basement flooding and plants battered.

  4. Jen NyBlom

    Hurray for lesser winds, hope the flooding clouds part soon! (also happy that you are on high ground!) Love the patches, thought-catching going on…and HMM! A SEVEN patch, instead of nine….i like that!! (bday is a 7)
    –and stitching instead of bitching; Yes!

    Today, for me–the cleaning and organizing continues…as long as the what-iffing thots don’t distract me, HAHAHA!

    Stay dry!

    • jude

      It’s beyond wet, glad to be on high ground but I have to get out and check the road in, I am sure there is a ton of mud and rock at the bottom.

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