jude hill spirit cloth

Resting in Motion

Even cloth needs a rest, a little support

This morning,  Everything Is So Fragile  resting in a  Nest of Days...

I used a scratched up worn photo filter to make it look the way it feels.  A big cloth is a place to rest,  in so many ways.

there are many kinds of mending.

A bit difficult,  hard to get this picture myself but  I wanted to  catch the current fashion statement.  The good news is I can almost fully bend my knees and get back to yoga.

Michelle as a vessel

For those of you who knew her, 


I moved what was still useful, from the broken blue bottle, into the garden.  It holds things I think she might like and shelters near the oregano,

which has begun to flower and attract bees.


  1. The way things, people touch each other…the way things fit together and belong, as if they were always like that. So glad your knees are working better and Michelle has been much on my mind recently. I really like this honoring remembrance for her. (((hugs)))

  2. Jen NyBlom

    My cloth is resting…
    And, today, I am slowly working through a list of other things…like a knee thing. (very mild, but Oy!)
    So happy to hear yours in mending well!

    Michelle’s bottle—-the ritual of precious things.

  3. Sharon Koch

    resting in motion is how i feel lately. hovering in place. loved the reminder of michelle, and all of us, as a vessel. grateful for your mended knee. x

  4. Judy

    So much to comment on…yes, we do what we can, learn to use the body part differently just the way you used the broken bottle differently! I love that. We have to do so much differently now. As always I so appreciate the way you think Jude.

  5. Patricia C Petrovich

    We do what we can. When we can’t, we rest. You continue to demonstrate that. Thank you for your faithfulness.

    • jude

      Well a fugitive dye disappears, so no. All these browns were dyed with black walnut which is a substantive dye, requiring no mordant. The pinks were simply produced by walnut overdyes on other warm commercially dyed cloth in my piles of scrap and recycled cloth.

  6. Caro

    Oh i like the moon design on your knee, with a wide circle around it.
    Hah, moons everywhere :- )
    And REALLY like the red peeking through on The Nest of Days!

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