jude hill spirit cloth

Edge Work

EarthHouse on Fire

The edge, the Frame of Mind,  in this case, I suppose might simply be the hope for containment.  On so many levels.  Maybe even just the ability to hold the scope of it.

Back to Back Patchwork. I lifted this picture from way back in 2006.  From the beginning when I was working on Listen to the River.  I am using that method here. I have some videos somewhere, but let's just say patchwork on both sides, wrong sides facing each other.  It is a handy way to "block" one side with another.  Use the math to line things up.  On this old piece I just tied through the meeting points until quilting.

Since the frame is 3" squares,  the overall measurement was 15". I used four  7.5" squares on the other side.  Some of the quilting that was already done is not showing through. But I am not done...

I have closed the edge with the tiniest of overcast, same as the way I piece the squares but more carefully with a single thread. A bit of fire has escaped...

The quilting is also done with a single thread.  And like colored thread, which  I call coloring book quilting.  With a thinner like colored thread it becomes more of a texture and less of an interference in the design.

Composting is being reorganized around the edge of the garden to make more room.  Mulching season approaches and there will be a lot of leaves this season.  And roofing for the bins will be added.  Too much wet makes a less potent mix.

Alng the edge of the woods, the wild flowers have taken hold.   Another ring planned for late fall, seeds ready and waiting for earlier blooms in spring.  Bees, bees everywhere. And a wasp nest in the overhang outside the kitchen will be removed when they die with the next freeze.


  1. “earthhouse on fire” … you have stitched such terrible beauty reflecting our planet’s current reality, with the last bits of green framed in sere browns and tans

  2. Sharon Koch

    that peek-a-boo moon ‘n whisper of stardust… like peter pan’s shadow, you capture the unseen realm so delicately with needle ‘n thread. i feel myself being drawn thru’ the open window… wheeeeeeeee…. x

  3. Coloring book quilting! — another magical dimension. Agree with Jen, this is one of my favorite spots. Look forward to it each day. An inroad to a sure delight — light or dark — it still pleases my soul. Last night, I stitched together the first three squares of my first-ever 9-patch. This, after watching the Spirit Cloth 101 videos 3xs each! LOL

  4. Jen NyBlom

    Every time I come here, it is entering a magical world….one never knows what will be found —quiet comfort and new ways of thought.
    It’s one of my favorite spots.

  5. cednie

    There’s something so satisfying about how you fit cloths together, hold cloth together with threads. Even the bit of fire escaping is enchants me!

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