jude hill spirit cloth

The way it seems

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I like how the moon patch overlap broke the magic circle, maybe here a magic bubble.

I added two loose dyed patches, parts of them. Because they were left over and it seemed they might express that time was passing and Earth Home is on fire.

And below,  what a Japanese beetle left me this morning.

morning glory lace


  1. Dear Jude,
    Which, I wonder, is the most destructive to the plant, to the earth? To the plant, the beetle is no doubt the most intimately destructive. To the earth, the fire(s) is (are) the most destructive, though I doubt that the trees feel this intimately, although ash is ultimately the product. Your depictions both are relevant to what is happening in this world and we are impacted on both an intimate and a worldly level. We can escape neither one. Hopefully, your depictions will mark a legacy that will warn others of what is becoming before we, too, are ash. I can only hope!

      • Jude,
        As you try to know what you think, all will be revealed as you move forward. It may come as a left or right turn or a move simply forward and not sitting still. Thoughts become bogged down as we sit still. It comes in doing the work that our thoughts become real instead of cumulus clouds in our brains. They become real and not ash. Keep thinking!! Your thoughts inspire us and empower us to keep moving in our own worlds!!

    • jude

      the beetles work is just what the beetle does. And we, we make the marks that humans make. IN perspective, not so different.
      joints. they wear out over time.

  2. Sharon Koch

    the over and under of thread and cloth. disappearing. reappearing. how a kantha stitch seems like weaving. speaking of time passing, each day i read a post from your archives alongside your current post. yesterday, both posts featured the same cloth! you wrote then (2014) about “the layers of going that make up a lifetime”. the magic circle seems to be eyes, witnessing the passage of time. x

  3. The way the moon breaks the vertical visual…and thinking about how it is if that stays alone in it’s job of breaking or if you add other elements how that will alter the feel of the whole. Interesting to me.
    Fire…Oy! Sometimes it is hard to lean into the productive meanings of that word when the western US is seriously on fire…yet other places, floods. A cloth of weather perhaps. xo

  4. Jen NyBlom

    it’s all about perspective, isn’t it? A “pest infestation” or a love note <3
    & let us dreamers start "fires" of our own—creativity and new ways of thinking to perhaps rescue ourselves from ourselves.

  5. On fire … and thankfully, many people are “on fire” with various passions that create healing, seemingly small and seemingly large gestures of help with varying degrees of success … will it be enough? I vote for these pieces of cloth and the intent stitched into them.

  6. Dakotah

    Every time I am in my sewing room I look around and think “Jude could make works of art from everything in here!” But I keep going in circles! Although circles are good right? Lol

  7. vickiseastrom

    That’s so hard to find and what those beetles are all about. When I lived in North Carolina, I would hand pick them off my little potted plants on my deck — it was never-ending. That was years ago now and perhaps some of our gardening friends here have found solutions we could live with? The earth is on fire in so many ways . . .

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