Feel Free

Why me?

it's a jungle here

It' greener than green here.

Rains everyday. Hardly an hour goes by without, at least, a sprinkle.

The porch roof need to be replaced.  It is rotted through.  Big job because part of the regular roof will need to be replaced as well to make it work.   The inspector, when I bought this house was a liar.  The sale was contingent on porch roof repair.  They sent us the receipt for the work and inspected again.  What is wrong with people?

Maybe it's a good time to consider glass, greenhouse style.  Yeah, I will dream on.  While I sit in this chair and bitch, waiting for an appointment with an orthopedist.

I put the houseplants out on the deck for the summer.  The palm sprouted a new round of fronds from the center and grew 2 feet in a week.   Japanese beetles.  That is what's eating a lot of what I plant.  And slugs.  And I just finished reading an article on local weeds.  So many of them are what I actually want to grow/ are growing beautifully here.  And now I know how to poison them. What is wrong with people?

What is wrong with me?

Maybe it's the humidity. The selfish bitch almost took over. Nah, I won't pretend it isn't a regular occurrence.

Me right now

I hung it this way today. The map of Everything is So Fragile.

A long night of feeling sorry for myself, reasons less important today,  as I ask myself what is it? What is it that we think we deserve?  As if there is "someone" to beg for it.  Rationing it.   As if  simply just still being here isn't good enough.

The man likes statistics.  He uses them as a creative tool. He handed me this today. 60%, 60% of the world's population, 4.5 billion people have no access to toilets.

I'm going to limp down to the garden, I spot a sunflower!

I had to order a new battery for my video camera.  Soon.

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