Feel Free

Learning by Example

sing it ...lean on me....

There was a storm.  A small branch fell from an overhead tree to the deck below.  The young morning glory, previously supported by a wooden skewer was hanging down, knocked over by the heavy rain. I stuck the branch into the soil, for it to lean on, before going to bed.  In the morning, this.

it rests, in growth

I really like looking at Freedom over Grow.   And how it seems to have become some sort of personal  medicine wheel.

It seems as wet here as it is dry elsewhere.  This has me reconsidering balance without the normal selfishness that accompanies it.

You Tube, where all my class videos hang out,  just announced changes that will instantly make all my videos private.  WordPress made changes that conflict with my theme.  And TypePad, well...they just locked me out and we are working on that.  Is it really worth the time I have left, to deal with all this shit?  That is the question for today.

Anyway, Happy July.

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