jude hill spirit cloth

Just considering how it might be

They Became Like a Tree,  the River of Sanity, and The Tendency to Hide.

As the world, for the moment. I used a filter to make them look ancient.  Too early to talk, the Man is still sleeping.


  1. Sandra

    “Hiding”..a lovely piece! It’s gone, sold! Lucky person. I love the “trees”..I thought they used to be cats…maybe the trees will be cats again? Maybe the trees will stay trees and leaf out and maybe there will be a bird or a face or a cat on the branch…waiting to see what comes next on this piece. (Yes, to Deb, I think we are different ages at once, well maybe not all at once, but at different fleeting moments in the day. It’s kind of fun to change your outlook several times during the day.)

  2. Jen NyBlom

    I am ENAMORED of these two pieces (ESPECIALLY Two-Gether!!)—
    I cannot stop looking!!!!!
    They have such a fairy-tale quality.

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