jude hill spirit cloth

Yesterday, today…

this is what it all has become


the paper form of Sanity

There were thoughts not caught.

But there was paper. The day began with paper.  Not just any paper.  A loose sheet of paper. Loose Leaf  paper.   A Loose Page with nothing on it.  But wait.  Squares.  This is a good start I thought. Yes.

There was also a lapse in Memory.  I left the stove on after making coffee for a long time. I do this a lot.  I suppose when thoughts are too loose they might be useless.  Anyway. after a lot of loose thinking,  some new ideas formed about me and books.  Since most of my how-tos for cloth making are already here, free, open, useful in the context of  that sort of thing, I began to think in another direction.   I do believe that I need to focus on the New.  Not the old.  The never seen before.  And there is, in fact, a lot of that.

Because even though I share here, there is always the Other. The lonely quiet path I use to connect the dots in  deeper space

What if I publish The Loose Pages?

Loose pages are like patches , in perspective.

sharing leaves a trace, even if it is nameless


And I think tow versions which includes a self published limited edition.  The reasons shall become clear.

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