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Yesterday's Moon has become a Memory

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The old blog  let's call it "Yesterday's Blog", is still protected.  It is a big part of the story... I am working on restoring access.  The best I can.

Let it become New.

What if that's it?   What we have to work with.  And what it all becomes.  If we keep going. Scraps of thoughts caught.  Story. How with each passing moment we are patching a memory.   Mending  our backward vision the best we can.  While we can.  However we can.  And each new moment we start over.  Rebuilding.  Trying to keep a sense of it as is if we can capture our forward vision, the future.  Pretending that is even possible. I think our Dreams, Visions are based on Memories.  There is no future or a Now we can hold long enough to know.  I could play with an image like this forever.  Because I have been around now for a while.  Many, many Moons.  And  because memory is never perfect,  it will always be new. I will temporarily remove all the posts here except this one.  Tomorrow.  I have added a posts categories list  but it will suddenly  become much smaller because I need to patch this place according to how I remember it might be.  I will be here on Wednesdays I think.  What if Wednesdays.  It's enough and not too much.  Yeah, I change my mind a lot.  It helps me feel new.  Even though my bones are old.




  1. Joanne in Maine

    We all change- evolve over Time. I don’t think I would want to meet myself from other years and Times. But perhaps it would be a good thing? Less is More.

    • jude

      I do believe you are still you and I am still me. And we meet our old selves in each moment but the parts we see are the ones that became useful in the present. I think we mend our old selves in order to move forward.

  2. I’m more inclined to think no future, no past, only now. Past and future are merely dreams. Life is now. (We can’t do anything yesterday or tomorrow.) Life is change. But yeah, dreams, memories, visions are what we work with, how we make now, the scraps of what is now. The scraps are what is now.

    If you are having an achy reaction to the 1st shot, beware the 2nd. I thought my achiness was just doing a little too much, but after the 2nd shot, it was more like having a 2 week flu crammed into less than 24 hours (painful, not achy) … And then I was, and remain, fine.

    Is there a way to simply “import” Yesterday’s Blog to this one? I changed because my old one simply would not work, so I had nothing to import. But I remember seeing something about importing.

    • jude

      Yeah, most folks are inclined that way. But I think now is already past by the time it is realized. The past exists as experience. For me anyway.
      I’m sure the 2nd shot will knock me over a bit.
      I already built this site in an odd way, not intending to blog here. Importing is not possible now.

  3. thinking out loud … what iffing about everything from cloth to blog and back again … I totally get it

    long ago and far away, I had an assistant who pleaded, “Can we just go one week without you changing something … please?”

  4. Well…a few thoughts. First, I often joke my knees are older than the rest of me, all the up and down off the floor with the little ones. Maybe your knees are older too? Second, I have a three hour a day rule for the garden. When I do more I regret it. Always. And…”enough but not too much,” that’s a dance I think. 🙂

    • jude

      So now I’ve been told it could be a temporary side effect of vaccination, since I already have the arthritis tendency.
      And I do love to dance.

      • That’s interesting… My knees bother periodically and had been really good for awhile. Started being sore again a couple weeks ago. Hmm. Arthritis is a big issue in my family. One of my coworkers said that every bone she ever broke ( total of three) hurt after her second vaccine.

  5. Vicki

    Good Morning Jude!
    Im confused too, yesterdays blog? Knees that dont work? Posts removed and returned? Its that old feeling you get like when you were at school that “everyone knows whats going on except me”…
    So I guess I will do what I do and collect the pieces and the scraps and the threads until it all becomes something…

  6. Jana Jopson

    Thinning … so there’s room for whatever wants to come through, can find an opening, if there’s anything wanting to come through. Thin and flexible, thin and disappearing, thin and capable. Such a beautiful moon. This past super moon I named Squawking-Heard Mockingbird Moon … the mockingbirds fussing daily at the crows.

  7. Sharon Koch

    thank u for protecting yesterday’s blog. shared memories. the winds of change in yesterday’s moon… folds of time, frayed strays of thread, transparent layers of thought… this cloth whispers so eloquently in your hands, jude. x

  8. Jen NyBlom

    As I get older, change gets harder, and yet–I crave something new, something different and exciting. (in a good way!!)
    I used to rearrange all the furniture almost monthly in my 20s, and for years now, things have been “in place”…
    In my mind, I keep returning to “maybe I should…”
    Maybe today?
    But, will I?
    (can’t go outside–it’s been storming like heck since 1 a.m.! )
    Change is to be flexible, —hard as one ages….

  9. snicklefritzin43

    I will hopefully find you when you return to the other place…change is a constant, for sure. Where ever you go, I will follow. Your words are a bright light to my days.

    • jude

      oh I’m not going back, just reconfiguring so that yesterdays’ blog is useful and this one makes some sort of sense as a path.

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