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Turning Point

Now Outside looking in

Soul-o.  I think we have made the transition.  He is now  the cat he was back on the Island.  Cautious but outside. The difference is that we don't let him out after dark.  And where as he used to run away outside when he was scared, now he runs inside.  He has adjusted to the schedule and  seems happy with his return to freedom.  And his new sense of home.

On the way to Nine

This morning there were 7,  all together but worlds apart. I jotted that down.

I cobbled together a Tiny House. From some loose ThreadCrumbs.   And then there were 8.  Yesterday's Heart House is what I am thinking now.

I will work around this one. Remember?  It was a few yesterday's ago.  I am thinking about that . Working  around something.  What you have.  What if home is that?  You have a little space and you work around it to make it a little place.  Home.  A place that you need not escape from but might run to.

I plan to continue a few of these. The rest I might let go as stitching bases.  Less time in a chair sewing,  more time considering what I want to devote my  sitting time to.


  1. Debra

    Homemaking is an art…and visa-versa…and it’s all the same. Mom had a stroke on Christmas and left us behind a week after Valentines day. I see her everywhere now. The hummingbirds returned right after I hung the feeders today. Ben E King on the radio. Baby cows running across the field…supper time.
    Glad you are home again Jude.

  2. Little houses, homes – separate, yet together. Still in between “home” here. It’s a process.
    Listening to you care for Soul-o is like a lesson on how to love a cat (I’ve not had cats much in my life). Sweet Soul-o.

  3. Jen NyBlom

    Rocking back and forth today (well, it IS windy!) between house #3 and back to house #1 (destined to become a gift)…stitching, and then not. Stopping to think, consider, brainstorm…I want to jump to #4 (I WAS planning to stop at 3)
    …I think #4 just might become Large Cloth.

    Nice to see you all settling in to…Home <3
    It's a good feeling, isn't it?

  4. Jana Jopson

    A little place called home … where the peeps and pets want to return to.

    The houses becoming homes, a community being born.

  5. (((Jude))) love that red dot in the centre of ‘Yesterday’s Heart’ and enjoyed going back to February here on your new blog to find the beginings. I read this yesterday in ‘Not a Novel’ by Jenny Erpenbeck and thought of your ‘Love Takes Time’
    “‘ ‘The future isn’t what it used to be’, Karl Valentin said it well.” (p26)

  6. Valerianna Claff

    Nice to hear of Soul-o’s settling in. Ha, and I just hovered over his name up there and saw him as a kitten, sweet. Going to sit with working around the home place.

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