jude hill spirit cloth

I’m here

Sleeping much better.  Asking questions helps.  I wander into dreamland looking for answers.  And I had some really strange dreams.

This video is from yesterday,  still trying to adjust the focus on this camera which is not going well, and the sideways window light is another challenge.

I thought I'd rebuild the home-work in a different way.   Maybe even 9 ways.  This free form method, with no real pattern, using what is on hand, it's where I began, way back in art school, in a class where we had to sit for 9 hours without speaking.  I don't remember the instructors reason but it helped me a lot.  This is the fold and stitch method and I will add that to the methods index here in the next day or so...because it needs to be here and can be taken much further.  And I want to talk about that. But I have been sorting and I want to start by talking about cloth. Again.

Now that I figured out where I am, I will continue.


  1. Patricia Jacobs

    Love your folding! What a genius idea to get the circles or triangles place just where you want them! Thanks so much for sharing.

  2. Jana Jopson

    So many options shown in the ‘fold and stitch” video. Felt like “the universe in a grain of sand” kind of thing. Who knew. Most enjoyable.

  3. Joy

    I like your old wood spools. I had some of my mother’s and years ago when I attended a sewing class, the instructor grabbed them and threw them away, said the thread was too old. It made me sad, I didn’t have much money back then. Now, I look for old wood thread spools at the thrift store. I want to remember my mom in a quiet way.

    • Deb VZ

      Joy….I loss my mom many years ago and experienced similar sadness when items of hers that I treasured were either taken or thrown away because they lacked value to someone in “authority.” My mom sewed, and while I don’t have any of her spools of thread, I tend to collect a lot of items that I knew were a significant part of her life – all that to say, that I have an abundance of of wooden spools (with thread) and it would be such an honor if I could share some with you. Please feel free to contact me privately if you would allow me that privilege. (zeg5459@gmail.com)

  4. Christine Cook

    I love your “moon” shapes with the irregular edges. Is there a technique you can share on how you make those? Also, as I watch you sew, I wonder if you ever “stick” yourself with the needle? (You could be a surgeon!)

    • jude

      I used to stab myself but rarely now. I feel like a surgeon, cloth rescue. The circles are made using itajime, japanese clamped resist. Indigo dyed. The uneven edges come from a more relaxed method when it comes to skill. Check out Glennis on my resource page, she has some tutorials.

  5. Sharon Koch

    so nice to be here, with you. lovely video. the see-thru dreamy cloth, with many threads of thought trailing off. “silent” has the same letters as “listen”… x

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