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Old Heart

Heart.  I had been considering a series for Valentine's Day, My love Isn't Perfect. But not too much new work is happening at the moment. Deep winter is more work than anticipated.

Now thinking My Love Is Old.  No holiday association.  I'm gathering thoughts on how to continue here.  So that my heart remains in it.  These last days, I have simply been practicing how to be here.  Posting to figure out what might work.  I think I need another week.  Thank you for your patience.  Content is coming, because that is the point.  This place lay quiet for so many months, I literally forgot what was here. Much of it still invisible and unpublished.  And now stuff I will bring from the old blog is being added.  Because I will. Move. Bring what I love.  Continue.

It's all good for the circulation, change, reconsidering.

Just Going. Keeps the old heart beating.

I added a resource page to the menu. It is incomplete but I'm working on it.

I found an old heart, which is appropriate, I guess.  I like it still. There is a technique here I will talk about soon.

I am reading through my Old Heart Diaries.  Will bring them here soon enough. In new form,

On an old dresser that was here when I moved in, stuff I brought here. Plus a lot of dust and a recently gifted whisker.

Soul-o is on the worktable. On the keyboard actually.  He stays close by. I have a touchscreen option so I let him stay.  Reach over him.  Talk to him by reading out loud as I type.

So I have work to do. More snow coming and I am almost 70.

But I'm good. Hope you are too.


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