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December …

Hello Ragmates!

It's December now. Wow.  In a few weeks we will have been in our new home for a year.

As I said in the last post, nothing has gone as planned.  We have settled in, completed basic repairs but of course with the big storm that moved through last night we discovered the roof is leaking.  Life is a patchwork in perspective, yes?  And so we go.

It is great to know that so many of you are still subscribed and following. I have decided to use December to sort through myself.  Time out from the internet and screens and input in general.  The online teaching world has exploded and I am unsure where  I fit into most of it.  And so I will quietly settle in here.

To make a long story short, again, I will be working through a few technical issues and refocusing on some personal goals.  That being said, this site may be down for maintenance  now and then or for extended periods of time this month.  You might find my blog password protected as well for the same reason. Thank you for your patience while I pull my selves together and prepare for the New Year.

I've been stitching and stitching on a cloth called Holding Pattern.  A gift I hope to give to my son and his wife  this holiday.

A simple bed test here, just to see it as "not wall art".  So different. This cloth was started ages ago. As a Small Cloth. A nine patch. And then I kept going. I will test out my new project page section by creating a page  for this one so I might share its story more clearly.  Maybe during this month off. And I will be back with the New Year, changed yet basically the same. Continuing here on many levels. Take care, have a good transition and see you on the flip side.

Thank you for your travelling companionship..


  1. Sara L Jordan

    Good to hear from you, Jude, and wishing you the best during “sorting things out” and “holding pattern”! More in the new year! And hopefully a better year! Sara

  2. Wendy

    Such a lovely quilt for your son and his wife to cuddle underneath. Have a refreshing break and we shall see you in the new year!

  3. Helen

    Hey. Hope the leak isn’t a big job, and that your ankle is better, and that you have a peaceful December.
    Holding Pattern has such a calm feel, and looks very inviting to snuggle under!
    In 10? years, your classes are the only ones I’ve taken…and I’m still here….
    Cariad MAWR ~ Merry Yule and Winter Solstice ~ Happy New Year

  4. Barbara Fox

    You are uniquely your own, Jude. And nobody does slow stitch with the imagination you have. Blessings and continue on as you feel moved…

  5. Julie

    Holding Pattern looks so comforting on the bed. A wonderful gift. I hope your ankle is feeling better and that you and the man and Soul-O cat stay safe and well and happy through the short December days. Have a good festive season with your family. See you on the flip-side. Lets hope 2021 is kinder on us all _/\_

  6. lou

    I love how this cloth looks wrapped around the form of a bed, flat on a wall there is a limit to its form somehow, but wrapped it can be so much more in dimension. Maybe Ive had too much coffee this morning! ha! Always here, Jude. Have a good break.

  7. hermosa

    I’ll be near here…. till I’m long gone, loving this wide wild world as best I/we can.
    ever love while singing the keep going on song.

  8. Debra Price Agrums Sposa

    Your son and his wife are so blessed to receive such a magnificent gift. It truly belongs in a gallery Jude! I have loved it since you started working on it. Have a wonderful holiday season and thank you for the update.

  9. amaranda de jong

    All the best Jude thanks for everything .What a beautiful quilt you have made full of love and thoughts happy holls see you on the other side xxx

  10. Margot

    To lay under such beautiful cloth must surely be a blessing. Yes, December, such a wonderful month to close out the year. May we all be gathered again in the New Year.

  11. barbara mcdaniel

    enjoy and enjoy your time in the solitude of yourself and winter ….we are all here when you are ready to share… stay warm and enjoy your new home and I love your gift for your son…..

  12. Laura

    The beautiful, expanded nine-patch is coming right along! I’m sorry to hear of your roof leak; I hope it’s not a big project. Wishing you a happy and restful December!

    • Corinne

      Thw quilt is beautiful. Wishing you some peace and contentment and a time for lovely things to engage your Spirit. See you in the new and better year.

  13. victoria

    It’s good to hear from you. Take your time——–decompressing is useful. Time to reflect and chart the course for a new year.

  14. rita hollingsworth

    Thanks….look forward hearing from you later….leaks are part of life, unfortunately. Enjoy the rhythm of pulling it all together at your pace….peace❣️

  15. Alison Jory

    It has been lovely to see this quilt grow in love and beauty – it looks wonderful on the bed. I love the way we stitch our lives into the things we make so the memories are held in there. Thank you for all you have given so generously. Wishing you all a peaceful and blessed time.

  16. Sawlee

    Hi Jude, so happy to hear from you, please keep in touch. Beautiful son’s quilt (lucky guy)
    Be well and enjoy the holiday times. My den roof was leaking too luckily was fixed before the big storm. With loving kindness, Sawlee

  17. Judy

    Jude, take good care. That is such a beautiful gift for your son and wife. So much of you in it and I particularly love that it began life as a nine patch! Brilliant. I too will be waiting to hear more from you when you return. All the best, Judy

  18. Carol

    Enjoy this time of taking care of yourself. I hope you know how important you are to your rag mates. Best wishes to you, the man, Solo, and the grown son.

  19. Pam S.

    It’s looking fantastic Jude! I’ve enjoyed seeing the progress on it over the years 💙💙💙
    Homes are one big money pit …. it’s always something that needs fixed! Hope your days go smoothly thru the holidays. 🔆🎄❄️🕊

  20. kathy dorfer

    I will be here waiting ( :
    I hope you have a wonderful time just enjoying your new space.
    we moved into ours 2yrs in jan . I’m just now feeling comfortable .

  21. Susan Crowley

    Thank you for everything. If you knew how much you inspired so many people, your head would explode. In a good way. Happy New Year and see you on the other side. ❤️Gu

  22. I love that this quilt started as a nine patch! Have enjoyed following along and seeing its growth and changes. It will be well loved I am sure as both art and as a blanket. Enjoy December and looking forward to seeing you back in January.

  23. cozyknitting

    Enjoy your peaceful time during this quiet time of the year! We all need our time to regenerate, to pause, and to make ourselves whole again. Your son and dil will love your gift and it is so lovely. Hug Soul-O for all of us that miss seeing him. Hopefully there will be a better and happier new year ahead.

  24. It’s only good to have some quiet (from the often hectic online world)
    And do the simple things that we love or are necessary
    Not going along, joining in or, or participating …
    Just yourselves, rest, quiet, time, space, each other …
    Have fun, Jude

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