Feel Free

Testing …

Hello Ragmates!

It's been a while. The world has changed again..

As usual, nothing has gone as planned.  I have tried to simplify my approach by  moving everything to my Spirit Cloth Blog.  But technical issues with the Typepad Blogging Platform has me once again considering using this space instead.

I know all of this virus stuff and political nonsense and my relocating and adjusting has reduced my focus on teaching.  Blog issues have not helped.

To make a long story short, I will be tweaking this place a bit  in hopes of continuing to build this resource.  This is just a test post . Not sure if anyone is following at this point.

Today it rained all day and I stitched on this:


I  will probably talk about this one on the Spirit Cloth Blog for now, but like I said, I just wanted to do a test post to see if  subscribing here is still working so I can transition over to here if necessary.


  1. Hi jude! Big yay for adaptability and yay for perseverance! No matter what form your digital presence takes.. I’m grateful for every scrap. (note to self: Dr. Andrew Weil of UofAZ says the frustration we feel when we’re forced to learn new computer operating systems is *exactly* the brain-stretching exercises we need to stay mentally sharp)

  2. Tania Botoulas

    Hi Jude.. I am a dedicated follower and am thrilled to say this works for me. Wishing you well over this time of transition and change.

  3. Margaret Johnson

    Hello Jude, change is inevitable .. So long as you are content and satisfied in what you do do, go for it. I’m unable to stitch, but I’m very happy to be able to look at your beautiful work…All the best…Marg….ox

  4. Kristi

    I’m also still receiving & quietly witnessing 🙂 much love & fall blessings sent your way & gratitude for all your hard efforts in all you do

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