Newsletter March 26th 2020

Hello Ragmates!

It's been a while. The world has changed.

And there is Big News. As you may or may not know, I will be moving my Feel Free Open learning center over this year and will begin teaching openly directly from my blog beginning April 1. Some call me a Fool anyway. But some call me the Cloth Whisperer. Reducing costs, and places to be is important in the face of our current world dilemma, so I might still catch my dream of Feeling Free.

So the third and final Part of Patchwork in Perspective, Large Cloth,  will be hosted on the Spirit Cloth Blog.   Along with any and all teaching that eventually springs forth.

No fee, no agenda, no sign ups, no passwords. Donate if you feel you can, or not. Feel Free to be who you can be. Stay Safe, Stay Well, Stay Kind. Notification of posts will still be published on Facebook and Instagram.  But I will be mostly hanging out on my blog, sharing like there is no tomorrow.

All content here will be accessible as is until I move it  to the blog over the coming year.  I will be making some changes to the site soon.  It may be up and down now and then.  Feel Free to contact me with questions.



  1. Well I am still following though haven’t done any stitching for a long time. I get arthritis flare-ups when using a needle for any length of time. I love textiles and what I have learnt from you and seen in others work, informs my weaving practice.
    with gratititude

  2. Jen NyBlom

    Thank you, Jude, for your kindness, your generosity, your giving heart. It means more than ever now. From my heart to yours; Gratitude.

  3. Sharon Koch

    i see you as a well-watered garden from within. others eat your fruit freely. seeds get transferred. love. hope. peace. faith. joy. in all directions. nothing “fool”ish about this, dear friend xox

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