June 26th 2019

Hello Ragmates!

Summer is here,  I have sold my house, and we are looking for a new one.

I am, appropriately , a loose patch, as I begin part 2 of Patchwork in Perspective next Monday.  For those of you who have purchased the class already, you should have received an email with a link to a pdf with your sign in info after you completed your order. ( in case you do not recognize it, the email comes from pullyapp .com)  If you donated or sent a check, I responded by sending you the pdf. .  In case it went to your spam folder, in either case,  please email me  and I will resend.  The pdf contains a link to the class home page and a password. It is a good idea to save or print it for future reference.

Sign up for this class is open ended.  That is you may sign up any time.

I will be making an introductory post on Friday of this week.

Part One still continues in the background.

Thank you all for your patience  as I wade through this sea of change in my life.  I look forward to the challenge.  I think in a couple of months, when things settle down, I will be again adding new free content to this site.