May 29th Newsletter

Hello Ragmates!

Hope everyone had a good weekend.  I had a nice break by the sea.

I have added new content to Patchwork in Perspective part 1.  I want to remind  all of you enrolled   that I plan  to   change email notification   for part 1 .  Switching it to my Spirit Cloth Blog.    I will   keep this News Letter for updates to the  Feel Free site in general only.  Because there is more coming.   So  please subscribe to the Spirit Cloth Blog by email  if you want to receive updates for class.   There is just too much duplication work on my end and I need to simplify.    The same notification method applies to Part 2, which begins in July.  Thank you all for your kind support for moving forward with this series.

Part 1  is now again available  for late enrollment.   Enrolling in part 1  will  come with a 20 dollar discount for part 2.   If you did not receive the  discount code with your order please contact me.

Also please note  For online classes purchased through the shop,  once your order is complete, a pdf file will automatically be delivered to you by separate email, containing your class access info. Don't worry,  you can click on the link,  it is from me.  It will only let you down load once , so maybe save it somewhere.   Or print it.   If you use the donation method or the mail, I will send your access information in response.

I plan to add 3 more FREE ENOUGH classes  this summer,  based on old workshops.  Mostly from the  "diary style" series.  Audio enhanced from the originals.  Some older and more personal  stuff.   I think the Free Offerings here  can be enough though, to  get started  and even keep going.   Maybe I am just documenting.   I do plan to add some small tutorial projects to  The Free and open  content here  after I finish my  sharing series.  And I want o ad some  techniques for working on paper.   My other love.