May 9 Newsletter

Hello... it's May but it's still chilly. Still have a fire burning in the early morn...

But it is becoming Green, all the same...

Update: Part 2 of Patchwork in Perspective will go on sale soon.  This segement is a fine  way to continue from part 1 or it may simply stand on it's own, focused on Hand Piecing components that might be used to build a bigger cloth.   Or not.  Small cloth is nice too.

Hope all is well. Or as I often say, Piece on Earth.


  1. Sri

    ‘Piece on Earth’ LOL indeed! And we are already approaching the next module. This one has challenged me hugely but I’m up for that and continue to put one stitch in front of another – or to one side….many thanks, Jude.

  2. This is always so relaxing and has such a wonderful Zen feeling. Wishing you a Happy Mother’s Day and even if you are not a mother, there is something very nurturing about sharing about our handwork, and it has a wonderful feeling of ll of us celebrating the joy of being women with nurturing spirits. I posted an interesting and amazing history of Mother’s Day that you might enjoy (not too long and has wonderful photos with it) on my blog, Thank you so much for sharing your inner spirit with all of us. Have a beautiful and meaningful weekend. Anne always

just share what moves through you...