April 22 Earth Day

Hello Ragmates,

(A reminder that this NewsLetter is  way for me to pass class updates  to those of you enrolled in the Free Enough Series  Patchwork in Perspective,  part 1 now in process through June 2019)

I hope, for those who celebrate,  your holiday was swell.

I have posted new content  today.   I will be talking about tools and supplies in my next post.  So we might begin gathering  in preparation for a bit of May making.

I've begun to list some resources on the  Resource page.  The resource page is public,  I will place a link in the sidebar as well, soon enough.  I am reviewing links from my PlaceKeeping page at Spirit Cloth,  some links are outdated.  And I have some new paths to explore as well.

It's raining lightly and I am going outside to sniff the damp earth.