Newsletter #8

I will be creating a Home Page for PART 1 of the new (free enough)sharing series over here at Feel Free. The page link will show up in the sidebar  on April 1. And also on my blog. That page will be a home for all the links to the posts made for the series. The Spirit Cloth Blog will still be a journal of days and also a Gateway to the "classroom". So if you are subscribed to the blog, you will be notified of the newest content. You will also be notified if you subscribed to the Feel Free Newsletter here. So it's up to you, if you are signed up for the series, you can subscribe here, there, or just visit the Feel Free site here and click on the Link Part 1 in the sidebar, at your leisure.

I have still to contact a few folks but I'm getting there. The Series will open on schedule, April 1, but very slowly. I like the number 3 so I will let it span 3 months, April -June with space between post for just going. I will be closing enrollment at the end of today, so I might concentrate on getting everyone connected to the class site and give myself some time to get started. Enrollment will open again mid April for those who want to sign on and catch up on their own.

Sign up info here...