NewsLetter #6

Hello Again...

Not much new here since the last update.

Two new items have been added to the  Free Enough page.

Considering Weave, an older workshop that will be released as work on your own soon.

Patchwork in Perspective part 1 which is available for sign up  and begins in April. (see Newsletter #5)


The first of several test emails for class has just been sent out for part 1.  It takes time to create a mailing list. So I usually test things out a few times while folks are signing up.  If you filled out the sign up form you should have received the mail, unless you gave the wrong or inactive email. Or I made an error.  So if you feel something went wrong contact me.

More info for parts 2 and 3 will be listed soon.

Class details have been keeping me busy but I should be back to adding more free content here soon.

Later... jude



  1. Greetings Jude AND gratitudes for your time and attention.
    Today, I received the posting with video, and for some reason, the volume is lower than a whisper.
    I welcome your input and instructions.
    Best, Nita

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