Newsletter #5

Hello again, It's still February and I can see the sea through the trees.


The 2019-2020 Sharing Series ( yes, I will need more time) will begin on April 1st, 2019

So in the Spirit of Going...

I have made a Change.

Patchwork in Perspective is now the name of the entire 9 part series.

Part 1 -  (Introduction)  Thought Catching / The Birth of Story $35.00 (or whatever you might be able to contribute, honestly)

Begins April 1  and will probably run through the end of May.  No forum,  just an overview of  my philosophy, approach to making and style, materials, tools, catching ideas and sharing and even a bit about selling. How it might have happened that I am here. (All content will be downloadable as PDF)

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As far as the rest of it ???

My style is open ended.

An idea is not really a plan.

Some thoughts....

Part 2 - Puzzle Pieces/ the Component System $25.00

Part 3 - Composition/ Building a Story $25.00

Parts 4-9 will unfold accordingly while just going.

All parts can be stand alone.  I will try to be more specific after Part 1.


  1. Tina

    Looking forward to being part of this, will you email before it starts, so we know if we need to prepare anything. I have donated for the first part, ok to donate at the start of each month after
    Regards tina

  2. There really is no choice for me but to come along on this “retrospective summary” of what’s in your head, jude … I think the clincher was when you said it’ll be about “the blurry part of going…” Ohh, if that doesn’t summarize how my path feels. Looking forward!

  3. I will do what I can as soon as I can. I don’t want to take advantage without doing anything, so as soon as I am able, I will do something. My significant other is very ill right now, and that means lots of trips to another town for doctors, etc. and lots of expense for gas and car. It means a lot to me for it represents to me a strength of spirit that is so needed. Thank you for every single thing you do for us, and I am not sure when or what I can contribute, but I will think of something.

  4. Sheri Kershaw

    really looking forward to hearing your journey and gaining more insight into some of the how to’s
    Love that you share your journey so open heartedly.

  5. Jen Tarchin

    I love your work and your narrative. I post photos of my ongoing projects on Facebook. Now a monthly contributor 25.00 for at least a year through PayPal in Nov’18 I contributed 50.00.

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