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February Newsletter

Ok, Here I am again.



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I hope this post comes through ok in email, it's all new to me really.

Because I seem a bit scribbly this morning I included an audio of the note...

If you cannot see the player or cannot listen let me know. Consider it an audio test. Sorry for the volume glitch, I dropped the device. Just the way it happened.

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  1. The wind and the rain are beating hard on our vintage mobile home – a 1958 I call my I Love Lucy home. It is tiny so I have no studio or even room to build in anything, but I love sitting here in the living room, my sewing table next to me. I loved this piece of work you just did; it seems so symbolic of the times and the weather somewhat too. I love the way you are able to express your spirituality. I have to find my way back once again and sometimes I think it would be good to throw out a line and snag my spirit as it floats by.

    Oh, my blog is http://www.allinadaysbreath.wordpress.com.

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