This is a Test

If you subscribed to the Feel Free Workshop Newsletter… this is just a test.

( Note… there is also a link to the Newsletter in the sidebar of Feel Free for now, where comments are visible)

It is almost New Years Eve , my goodness, how time flew since I opened the Feel Free site.

It’s been a tough year learning this WordPress thing.  I am hoping to pull together some details regarding how to subscribe to this coming year’s workshop as the year turns.  Right now I am just hoping this works,  wishing you all the best, and sending a big thank you for following my crazy journey.   Love,


  1. Margot

    As I step into the unknown of the coming year I wish you all the best and many thanks for all that you share of your work and yourself. Tho I do not know my destination, as I journey with cloth and stitch, I know I will meet many good friends along the way.

  2. Many thanks for all your care, hard work and effort, Jude. I rejoice in your transparency, love of beauty and/or cats and seemingly endless creativity and uniqueness. May the coming year be one of abundant possibilities and positive change.

  3. Gillian Norris

    Hope your New Year is happy and fulfilling. I am still a silent witness to your life and work via the emails which I love reading

  4. Tina

    I was pleasantly surprised to receive your email…blessings to you for your generosity in sharing your talents with us and a happy, creative new year to you!

  5. Elaine hartley

    You are amazing! I appreciate how you feel like a good friend. The words you choose to express who and where you are speak directly to my soul!

  6. P. Körner

    Your post received me in good order. I wish you all the best for the New year and many thanks for the beautiful posts from your work!

  7. Rene Walkin

    Oh well done Jude! Happy New Year to you for next week-you are amazing. I love your messages in my inbox. Thank you for sharing so generously.


  8. Lynne R. Sward

    Thanks for continuing my favorite post from my favorite artist,,,,Happy New year and continued good health, and unlimited creativity,,,,hugs Lynne R. Sward

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