The Feel Free Workshop Series

Suddenly, I considered hosting one more final Online Class.  But a lot of  things are up in the air and we are  relocating and I figured I might just  not be able to do it anymore. .

But then I decided to just make it an on going series that you might subscribe to.  Something project based, something that might be easy to handle and easy to follow.  And something that will keep my creative juices flowing through it all.  Maybe just going.

I’m actually back to What If ?.  Do you remember that blog?



Content in this area requires a subscription fee.

I’ll be putting together a Newsletter about this adventure soon.  I’m estimating that it might not begin until after Summer 2018.

You can subscribe to updates about the workshop series by using the sign up form in the page footer. This is not a sign up form for class. I’m not there yet.